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Blaze Cropped by CheddarDeity Blaze Cropped by CheddarDeity
Blaze, like the other RENEGADE-class cyborgs, has no memory of his life before becoming one.  In his case, he seemed to be born in a bar, drink in hand, with a fully-formed personality and skill-set but no prior life.  He was promptly located by other RENEGADEs and "adopted" into the group.  Although there seems no obvious way for RENEGADEs to locate new "members", this happened enough during the campaign that it could not be mere coincidence and it has been theorized that newly-made cyborgs were activated by their creator(s) in places the others would easily find them.

As a RENEGADE, Blaze is an endoskeletal cyborg (think "the Terminator") with a regenerative, symbiotic flesh covering fed by a matrix of nutrient-rich blood shared with his circulatory system.  He has cybernetic control points that look like circuitry at strategic locations all over his body that enable him to use his powers.  As his name implies, Blaze's powers are primarily fire-focused.

Blaze was a complex character-- he was a RENEGADE and thus affiliated with group of techno-terrorists, but he had a substantial conscience that often warred with his loyalties.  Further, he was situations where he had to seek shelter with his adversaries, such as the Unseen.  As a result, Blaze had a large number of personal enemies during the campaign, and possibly an equal number of sometime-allies.  This put him often "in the know" about the goals of rival supergroups, though seldom authoritative.
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